Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Last week!

Steph I loved your video this week! All that shaking looks like a good time. :) Like some of you, I did not lose as much during this challenge as I had hoped, but I am so glad I stuck it out. Even if I don't win anything, the entry fee was worth it because I have made a lot of good choices in the last 12 weeks that have contributed to forming good habits. I'm still working on my unhealthy relationship with sugar--I love it way too much, even though it doesn't make me feel good! I feel like I need a bit of a break with the constant food logging and the rigidity of the weekly do's and don't's, but I definitely want to continue building healthier habits. Let me know when/if there is a next challenge and I'll make a decision later about participating. Good luck on the final weigh in everyone!

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