Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hey Hey Hey!

I'm excited to be here!  Week one is almost up!  A few hours left!  Can't believe it!

Well, I'm Megan.  Steph and I are friends...hopefully....ha ha
Anyways, I live in the middle of no where South Dakota! Uff da!  We drive almost an hour to get Walmart, a hour and a half to Menards (kind of like Lowes or HomeDepot).  We have like no shopping and food choices are slim.  But, we are happy to be here!
I'm a mother of 3!  It took 4 extra years to finally get pregnant with our first, but after he came the other two had no problem getting here.  :)  They are 5, 3 and 5 months!!!
So, I'm really excited to do this challenge because I don't feel like I can be accountable to myself when it comes to losing weight.  It helps to have someone to answer to!
Good luck everyone!

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