Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Hello Everyone,

My name is Artesia and this is my third Stephanie challenge. I had great success with the first one but was not as determined the second round. Like many of you, I am a busy mom! I have 5 kiddos ranging from 6 months to 10 years old but mine are mostly girls (with one little guy to keep things interesting!) We also just completed our second cross country move in 2 years- both with newborns. I am ready to settle down, buy a house and never do that again! We are back in Boise, and that is how I know Stephanie and LauriAnn. Oh yeah and I started a new job, I am the capital project manager for St. Lukes. My job is very flexible which has allowed me to start exercising with some regularity again. I just need to be committed and I know I will see great results. I normally would post a million pictures of my kids but I'm typing this up on my cell so be prepared! I look forward to "competing" with you all.


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  2. Move is a four-letter word for sure!

    So many of us did it this summer. Blech!

    Happy new job, and return to regular exercise.