Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back to Life . . . Back to Reality

As of a couple weeks ago I was in Hawaii. It was dreamy, fun, lovely, filled with things like macadmia nuts covered in chocolate and coconut ice cream "smoothies" for breakfast. This picture is not the most glamorous from the trip, but it is a good before picture, because it shows me my middle, which is suffering from what I've lovlingly named, "the summer of working, moving, having too much stress/fun pudge".

I have done a challenge or two or three and am in need of some motivation, accountability and support. Perfect timing!

I have four kids. Pictured above in my oldest daughter, Margaret (12 years old). Other kids are 10, 7, and 4 (boy, girl, boy). I love to be healthy and fit so I can play with them, hike with them, beat them in a race. . . No letting them win in these parts. I love to run, but had a foot surgery last winter that is still slowing me down. I swim too, and try to lift weights. I'm not performing to my max at anything right now . . .but I'm trying.

(Family selfie, where we were instructed to laugh with as much hilarity as we could muster.)

Hopefully this challenge will help me shed these extra stress pounds and keep me motivated to work on some of my fitness goals. I love having fitness goals to work toward and train for. It brings me a lot of balance and joy. On the docket for sometime this year: PR in a 5k, do a pull-up (yes, that's right, just one!), save for and buy a decent bike so my triathlon dreams can come true.

Thanks for hosting Stephanie! Glad to have so much good company for the next 10 weeks.
If you start to feel overwhelmed, just visualize yourself here. . . it really helps! 
Aloha friends, let's do this!


  1. I think you should post a Hawaii picture in each post! Your trip looks sooooo fun and picturesque!

  2. A family that can selfie together stays together!