Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hey all! I am not new to the healthy group challenge game, in fact I was the fearless leader for one session.

The last one I participated in I was just coming off of knee surgery and it didn't go very well. I should have been focusing more on recovery instead of trying to get fit. I fizzled out very quickly.

Now just a couple months after my one year knee surgery anniversary, my knee still reminds me a few times a day that my "recovery" will last a lifetime.

I can no longer participate in any long distance running, which is one of the few things that seemed to keep me reasonably slim. I have basically been in mourning this whole time, and it shows. It shows when I can't button my pants, it shows when I can't zip up my favorite dress...and I'm super tired of it.

My genetics skew to the plumper end of the spectrum, my "people" are all tall and "corn fed". I know that keeping myself from getting excessively overweight as I age will be a life long battle. Sometimes that knowledge fuels the flames of my indignation and makes me work harder. Sometimes I let the idea of always have to watch what I eat drag me down into "the depths of despair" so I eat a pie.

I am ready to lose this weight. I am so done with it. A happy and successful journey to us all!



  1. Mmmm . . .pie!

    The fact that you're aware and always working will lead to success. I keep telling myself as well, that there's no time limit on these things. So if it takes me a while to figure stuff out, or I have to learn how to do something again, that's A-OK, just part of life, right?

    Loving the blonde hair, BTW

  2. I feel everything you are saying 100%!!

  3. I sometimes wonder why my mom's skinny genetics did not pass to me. Our health and size are also determined by our actions, what a good reminder!