Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hey guys! My name is Cheree! I'm super excited to start this challenge! Like Stephanie, our family recently moved and I chose doing other things besides working out! I need my workout routine back! I also have 2 special needs kiddos and I have been using them as my excuse for far too long. Although they need soooo much attention between Dr's appointments, therapies, and basic every day needs, I also need to make myself important too. That's why I want to start this! I cant wait to get to know everyone else!


  1. I've learned life just feels better when you take care of yourself! Good luck with everything!

  2. You are awesome! I have one daughter who had some special needs when she was younger (she had a feeding tube for four years) and I remember those busy days of therapies and doctor's appointments and it can be rough. Plus, I am a total stress eater.