Saturday, March 5, 2016


So every challenge I've been in I have read a story about someone who decides to make a healthy choice and it quickly becomes a catastrophe. This week it was me!!!  I decided that I would bike my son to story time, it's only five miles away!! When I got to the library I picked up my cell phone and had 6 missed calls from my daughters school, of coarse she is sick and I am clear across town on my bike.... I am explaining to the secretary what I was doing and that it would be a while before I got there.  She just snickered and said if you want to be healthy why don't you just come pick your daughter up and put her in the bike cart...  Needless to say a huge wind storm came up on the 5 mile ride home.... I really thought I might die!! I was biking up a hill and was certain that I was going backwards...

So there is a good laugh for everyone's week....And you know laughing burns calories!

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