Monday, February 27, 2017

Introducing Leigh

Hello everyone!
I'm Leigh Hunter and I'm a friend of Stephanie's from Pueblo West.  I am really excited to be a part of this group since I'm always motivated by bribes and friendly competition!
I have four kids that range from 17 to 9 years old.  Most of my time is spent running around, often grabbing easy food and putting off working out! So I'm looking forward to getting back to tracking my meals and working out again.  I love to ski, travel and read.  Hopefully this challenge will add some extra energy and joy in those activities and life in general.  I have two nephews' weddings this summer and an amazing trip with my husband, so I want to fully enjoy all these photo worthy events without worry.  I'm not sure what my overall goal is with weight, more to look and feel good in my favorite clothes again! Good luck and good night


  1. I'm excited for your upcoming trips! I feel the same as you, feeling healthy and comfortable about yourself makes all of the wonderful events in life more enjoyable! You're awesome Leigh!

  2. I agree that the challenge brings focus and no potato chips!