Monday, February 27, 2017

Introducing Elise

Hello all! I'm a veteran of Stephanie's challenges and can NOT wait to get this one going! Ever since her sweet angel baby was born I've been waiting for the email saying she would be starting a competition!!! :)
I'm not going to lie - weighing in this morning and measuring myself was a very humbling experience. I am disappointed in my current health state - and there are many excuses and reasons for where I am - but all I can do is move forward from here!
I'm VERY excited to read all the intros and get to know everyone! My goal for the competition is to NOT QUIT! I MUST stick it out the entire time! I also aspire to high points and low numbers on the scale - big surprise there, right?!
I currently live in Utah, but my friendship with Stephanie began in Greeley, Colorado. I quickly discovered she is one of the most talented and creative people on the planet and I count myself lucky knowing her! I have 4 children ages 11, 9, 7 and 5. After my youngest was born I got down to the smallest size I have ever been as an adult! the years went on....every pound crept back on. We have had an interesting and quite stressful couple of years in our family, and I have NOT put healthy eating as a priority....thus....extra pounds and sadness.
I plan to participate in a triathlon the end of August, so many of my work outs will be centered around that as a goal. I LOVE having events to train for, and people to cheer on! I'm excited to begin (yet again) this weight loss journey. I am determined I will see it through and see the finish strong (and a little thinner!).


  1. You're the best Elise! You and Heather have always been my fitness inspirations. You guys have had lots of change since we left Greeley, hopefully you're feeling settled now. So awesome you have that triathlon coming'll rock this!

  2. It is good to have a goal to focus on!