Thursday, June 4, 2015

Week 7 Results and Prize Winner

The final weigh-in is tomorrow!!!  So I'm getting these Week 7 Results posted just in time.  I'm sorry for being late this time around on the weekly posts, I knew this month would be insanely busy for our little family coming into this, but it's been a little more stress than I had I apologize that my facilitator duties were a bit neglected.  

1.  Jeff         658
1.  Ashley    658
1.  James      658
2.  Jenni       656
3.  Steve      655
4.  Stephanie   636
5.  Megan        635
6.  Carrie         625

This week's prize video was supposed to be an awesome 80's music video to the tune of "I'm so excited"...mostly because I'm so excited this challenge is over!  But our computer is choosing not to here are a few still shots of the prize winner.

Here we were practicing this morning doing a little Just Dance:

Everyone was eligible last week!

And tonight's big winner of the $5 CASH!!!

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